An Invitation To Discover The Healer Within…

My intention is to assist in the embodiment of a heart centered, authentic and balanced life.  My vision for individuals is to support:
  • Living from a place of wholeness
  • Having a sense of connection with self, others and the world
  • Releasing wounds, traumas and limiting patterns
  • Learning to facilitate one’s own process of transformation and healing
  • Developing balance and a sense of peace
  • Learning to relate honestly and openly with self and others
  • Experiencing gratitude, strength and hope
  • Knowing change is possible and becoming a change agent for yourself
  • Living in the present moment, letting go of the past and allowing for the future without worry
  • Developing understanding of the bigger picture
  • Embodying authenticity, awareness and truth

The Heart of Awakening blog was created to offer online transformational resources and explorations that support individuals in embodying this vision.  Additionally, I am available for one-on-one sessions in person in Annapolis, MD, or by phone/skype.  I also facilitate classes and workshops in the MD/DC/VA area and virtually.  To learn more about Integrative Transformational Healing Sessions, Classes & Workshops, and other offerings, feel free to visit

Individual Services Include:

Integrative Transformational Healing Sessions (Customized)

Shamanic Healing

Bach Flower Remedy Consultations

Zero Balancing

Meditation & Mindfulness Training

Energy Healing & Awareness Practices

Holistic Self-Care

Holistic Recovery Coaching For Addictions & Mental Health

Energy Centered Bodywork & Massage Therapy

Holistic Support For Fibromyalgia

Journaling For Health & Well-Being


Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Beth is available as a speaker, keynote, lecturer and workshop facilitator both in person and virtually via tele/webinars or radio shows. Topics include:
  • The Way of Council                                  
  • Mastering Anxiety: A Holistic Approach                                
  • Holistic Living & Self-Care                                            
  • Meditation & Mindfulness            
  • Shamanic Healing: A Journey Of Reconnection                                                        
  • Energy Awareness  Tools & Techniques                     
  • Bach Flower Remedies                                                    
  • Lifestyle Restructuring
  • Intentional Living                                            
  • New Paradigm Leadership                  
  • Take Your Metta To Work                              
  • Discover The Healer Within
  • Wellness for the Workplace                        
  • Holistic Resources For Addictions & Mental Health Recovery
  • Loving Yourself: A Key To Change & Healing
  • Journaling For Health & Well-being
  • Transforming Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Cheerleader
  • Accessing Your Essential Self
For information on any of the above topics or to customize a program for your event or organization, contact Beth to explore what’s possible!




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