Reflections Of A Wounded Healer: From Victim To Visionary – Heal My Voice Radio Show


“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”
– Kahlil Gibran 

Bear Drum

Yesterday, I joined host, Andrea Hylen, on Heal My Voice Radio.  Continuing on the theme of my recent post Reflections Of A Wounded Healer: Finding Light In The Darkness, I share some of my own experiences of walking the path of the Wounded Healer and how having a willingness to journey in our most painful places can become the catalyst for a new life.  For me, this was a life that I never imagined was possible due to my childhood experiences growing up with a mentally ill parent.  It is said that as the Wounded Healer heals, there is an opportunity to become a healer, teacher and guide.  In a wonderful dialogue with Andrea, I share how this journey unfolded for me to step forth as a shaman, becoming a guide for others to embrace their dark places to find the healer within.

I have found that sharing my story and being open and authentic is one of the most powerful catalysts for healing and transformation.  Often, we want to leave our stories behind or just “get over it” and although we don’t want to continue to live out our stories, there is much wisdom, healing and “medicine” that can be found there.  Our life experiences are here to teach us and guide us in our soul’s evolution.  As we are willing to journey into those experiences, no matter how painful they may be, we have the opportunity to heal those places and to find the blessings held therein.  In a sense, this is a type of soul retrieval as we are reclaiming a part of ourselves that we have lost or disconnected from in some way.  Often our desire to move forward and leave that part of us or the pain behind, actually becomes an obstacle to our growth, healing and to living a joyful life.  When we consciously attend to the past, with all its sorrows and joys, we move into a place of greater alignment, which allows us to be more awake, alive and available to the present moment.

Listen to Reflections Of A Wounded Healer: From Victim To Visionary on Heal My Voice Radio


About Beth Terrence

Beth Terrence is a Shaman, Facilitator, Holistic Practitioner, Speaker and Writer. With over seventeen years of experience in field of transformation and holistic health, she is a leader in providing Integrative Transformational Healing Programs For Individuals, Groups & Organization. The focus of Beth's work is to facilitate deep transformational healing, assisting her clients in living a more heart-centered, balanced and joyful life through discovering the healer within. Beth offers online transformational resources through her blog, The Heart of Awakening: Searching for a New Paradigm. She is also an author and facilitator for Heal My Voice, an international organization that helps women to heal, grow and step into greater leadership through writing and sharing their stories. To learn more about sessions, programs, teleseminars and other news, visit

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  1. hi Beth:)  i saw Mario today!  i hope all is well and look forward to seeing you both Soon.  ciao.


  2. Hi Beth,

    Beautiful post, for those who’ve already undertaken that journey, understand and accept that no other journey after their phoenix journey is ever going to be or indeed could ever be the same.

    For gone is the fear, gone is the pain and love and all that love is really does takes centre stage. With big smiles, big hugs and warm hearts filled to overflowing, guiding them onwards to; an even greater state of imperious connectivity.

    “We are all so much more than we often give ourselves credit for, such is the process of transition via shamanic awakening. Best wishes, Barry aka Raphael’s Legacy :-)”

    • Thanks for your note, Barry. I so agree that as we move through these transitions, it is love that becomes the guiding force in our lives. I’m so happy to connect with you and look forward to exploring the journey of life together. Many blessings.

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