Actualizing The Power of Intention


“For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call “physical reality. Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We humans are much more than we think we are…” – Dr. William A. Tiller

We have come to a place where science and spirituality meet in many ways. For those who have had a focus on energy, whether through Acupuncture or Eastern Medicine, Energy Healing such as Reiki or Pranic Healing, Yoga or other spiritual practices, it has long been accepted that matter follows energy. It is exciting that science is now on board with this concept. A major focus on the Heart of Awakening blog is to support a shift into a new paradigm. This begins with an inner shift in our thoughts, energy and focus – it begins with Intention.

At this point, there is greater acceptance and understanding of the role of intention in creating change. The work of Dr. Tiller is called Psychoenergetic Science. It involves an expansion of traditional science to include human consciousness and human intention as being capable of significantly affecting the properties of materials (non-living and living) and what we call our “physical reality.” Basically, our intentions affect our experience and our actual world. And, we have the ability to change our lives and our world.

Using intention in a positive way is a powerful tool for transformation. Intention is used in many aspects of our lives. We may have general intentions or wishes, which we are holding but they may not be in the forefront of our consciousness. Our conscious mind is actually only a small fraction of our mind, the vast part of it being unconscious. However, when we bring something into our conscious awareness and give it meaning, we are creating a relationship with our unconscious and support transformation on a deeper level.

As we bring our intentions into the forefront of our experience and work more actively with them, we begin to create changes in our consciousness, our energetic field and in the world. In a sense, we become a beacon carrying that energy both inwardly and outwardly into all of our experiences. We all have our own personal intentions that we can work with and we also have the opportunity to carry intentions that support ourselves, others and the world. Embodying qualities such as peace, happiness, respect and serenity can become a part our active intentions thus assisting in our own personal transformation and shifting our world into a new paradigm.

Finding a way to actively work with intention helps us to move more consciously in the world and to create alignment within ourselves. As with all practices, it is important to explore and find what resonates for you personally. This is part of moving into greater alignment with oneself. Some ways to work with Intention include:

1. Affirmations – Affirmations are a powerful tool for transformation. To affirm means to “make firm” that quality or message you are working with. Affirmations offer a way to change our inner dialogue, in a sense to short-circuit the unconscious messages or tapes that are always playing in our minds and to create new ones. This practice can transform our attitudes and our expectations. It can also show us the negative or unconscious messages that we are carrying within us. Affirmations can be done silently, spoken aloud, written down or even chanted. They can be posted in places you will see them, tucked in hidden places where you will find them unexpectedly or recorded so you can listen to them repeatedly.

2. Ceremony & Ritual – Participating in ceremony and ritual helps us to feel connected to ourselves, to others and to the world. It is a time when we enter into sacred space. Whether it is a ceremony that marks a major life event such as a marriage or death or the simple ritual of lighting a candle, there are two elements at play – intention and action. We can create our own ways of working with ceremony and ritual to take our intentions into a place of action. This helps us to embody our intentions more fully on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit. One of my favorite ways is through Fire Ceremony. I use this personally as well as with clients and groups both to set an intention to let go of experiences, feelings and energies, which are no longer serving; and, to invite in the energies or qualities (the intentions) that can support transformation and moving into a new way of being. The energy of fire is one of transformation. Taking action in this way helps to support a powerful shift as well as bringing us more fully into the present moment. Perhaps this is the greatest intention of all – to be fully present in this very moment.

3. Creating – Creating something to represent our intention helps to concretize it and brings it more fully into our own consciousness and into the world. This can also be a way to let one’s own creativity emerge, which in and of itself is a way to access our inner self. Creating can be through artwork such as a drawing, painting, or mandala making. It can be through the written word such as a poem, slogan or just writing your intention in your journal or somewhere that it is visible to you. Another option is to make a Vision Board in which you use pictures and words to help to invite in your intention and the vision you wish to create into your life. Being creative is an opportunity to explore your own essence and to create a connection between your conscious and unconscious self. Through you own self-expression, you are making your intentions visible.

4. Contemplative Practices – Contemplative practices such as meditation or prayer help us to move into the present moment, to quiet some of the busyness in our minds and to connect more deeply with our intentions. Moving from a place of stillness, clarity and focus supports being in alignment with our intentions and carrying them with us as we move in the world. When we take the time to pause, center and reconnect with our own self and spirit, our energy becomes clearer and we are able to align with our intentions in a more focused way. This creates a clearer, stronger energy field that helps us to truly embody our intentions.

5. Authenticity – Allowing ourselves to be authentic and to speak from the heart, openly and honestly, is part of actualizing the power of intention. When we share our intentions with others, we are sharing our deeper being. We are also moving into greater alignment as we merge our inner and outer self. Many of us are hesitant or afraid to share all of who we are and particularly those greater intentions for change in ourselves, others and the world. Imagine if every being were to speak from the heart and share their intentions openly. Really, these intentions are our good wishes for ourselves and all beings. It is often easier to speak about our negativity and judgments, which causes a contraction of energy, rather than expansion. Sharing our authentic selves and our positive intentions openly is a powerful way to transform ourselves and the world.

As we work with intention, we are bridging our conscious and unconscious self. In a sense, working with intention is helping to bring a new infrastructure to our being which allows us to be in greater alignment with those energies we are carrying into our consciousness and into the world. As we begin to move more consciously, new possibilities emerge. Cultivating intention is an action step in shifting to a new paradigm.

I hope you’ll join the Heart of Awakening in exploring and actualizing the power of intention to support transformation in your self, others and the world.

I’ve included a video of Dr. Tiller for inspiration…..


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  1. Beth, Another grand slam for knowledge, innovation, deep thought, by including your perspective and those of Dr. Tiller’s,
    thank you so much, really hit home that we need to work on ourselves.
    I would like to recommend a book I am almost finishing-“The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer
    how do we let go of all that does not serve us? Those crazy unmanned thoughts? Love the book,
    warm regards,

  2. About that last one, Beth: authenticity. It makes me recall how, as a child, up until about 7 years old, it was SO easy to speak from the heart and say, “Here’s what I want to…(do, be, fill in the blank).” So, certainly, some of the work around intention-setting can also include remembering what that felt like. Things only seem to get more complicated with age, maybe because our “feelings bank” contains so many more categories. Stating boldly what you want would be akin to the feeling of flying, even if the “flying” is just on a swing! Great post…thank you so much.

    • Hi, Leigh. Love the idea of tuning into that feeling that was easier to access as a child. It feels like there is an aspect of playfulness that can be a part of that and also, not be attached to the outcome possibly, just more in the wonder of it all. Thanks.

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  4. Great post! Contemplating practices and Authenticity are my favorite. Reflecting on life and being genuine and sincere are essential in my spiritual growth. Congratulations on being nominated for Most Inspiring Blog Award!

  5. The content here at your blog is wonderful Beth… very much in line with my own feelings.
    Beautiful sharing of wonderful enlightened teachings… Much Love ~ RL

  6. Hi Beth,

    This is an exciting age to be a part of, as old systems of thought – science being one of the foremost – have reached the end of their former vision and have to embrace a wider view of reality in order to move forward. I’ve worked with several of these practices myself and can vouch for their effectiveness. I found that self-knowledge was crucial for this kind of work. I could not – to give a simplified example – state an intention to have more abundance in my life while my inner beliefs were saying, ‘I don’t deserve financial ease and, aside from that, it’d make me soft as an artist/seeker and spiritually poor.” So excavating those beliefs that were causing a stalemate was a big part of the process for me.

  7. Hi Seth. Thanks for you note. I totally agree with you that is key to work with our underlying beliefs and patterns as we cultivate our intentions for change. It is actually such a beautiful process. I have found that as I hold the intention to bring in a positive energy or quality, I am shown where I am holding myself out of that intention or energy, in a sense the limitation around it surfaces and I am able to work with it. Excavating is a great description. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

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